The Rapunzel Foundation

Register Your Salon

Would you like to register your salon and support the Rapunzel foundation?

There are two ways you can help:

  • Register Your Salon to cut and donate 14inch ponytails. We encourage clients to use registered Rapunzel salons. Registered salons would give a complimentary cut to the donor.
    The salon then sends the ponytail to the Rapunzel foundation, with the name and address of your salon and the person who donated the 14inch ponytail.
    To become a Registered Rapunzel Salon please fill out the form on the right.
  • Tips For a Day Campaign – We intend to make this an annual event, of the last Saturday in June, ┬áSo again you can register your salon for this event. Please see our media page for more information

You can indeed register for both.

How to prepare hair for donation

  • Place hair into a tight ponytail at the base of the neck.
  • Measure to ensure that it is over 14inches
  • Shampoo the hair
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Straighten hair
  • Place hair into a ponytail at the base of the neck
  • Place 3 or 4 bands on the ponytail of hair to ensure all the hairs cuticles are sitting the same way and that no hair escapes
  • Cut straight across just at the top band
  • Place the ponytail into a tissue/towel and then a plastic bag.
  • The Ponytail is now the clients responsibility, after the haircut they take it home with them from the salon.
  • Label with the clients name and the salon name, as we send a thank you card as confirmation that we received the hair.
  • Post to Rapunzel Foundation at Anna Furlongs Hair Salon, 53 South Street, New Ross, Co Wexford.

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