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Amy Lawlor, aged 8, was our very first supporter to the Rapunzel

Foundation. She donated her hair in the summer of 2010

<strong>Amy Before</strong>

Amy Before

<strong>Amy After</strong>

Amy After









For many ‘alopecians’ one of the best ways of dealing with alopecia is to wear a natural-looking wig made with the highest quality untreated human hair. This means not having to worry whether or not your colleagues or the people you meet as part of your daily life can tell if you are wearing a wig. Wearing a natural-looking wig can help give back some of the self confidence often lost after developing alopecia. It allows people to enjoy their lives without worrying about their alopecia or their wig.

The Rapunzel Foundation is working to boost the level of hair donation in Ireland. We are doing this in order to increase the supply of the high quality untreated human hair which is used in the manufacture of wigs for people with alopecia and long term hair loss.

Across Ireland the Foundation is creating an awareness of alopecia, a condition which can often have a social stigma attached to it due to a lack of understanding and information.

The Rapunzel Foundation is financially assisting children and adults with alopecia who wish to wear a secure, comfortable, natural-looking human hair wig: a wig which will allow the child to engage in all aspects of their childhood, from swimming, horse-riding, gymnastics to the everyday rough and tumble of being a kid with every day living.