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At the moment everyone that works in the Rapunzel Foundation works on a voluntary basis, who all have full time work elsewhere so we ask you for your patience when we are dealing with your kind donations or applications for assistance.

We will respond to you as soon as possible.


Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that targets the hair follicles resulting in hair loss. This disease effects over 2% of the population.

Alopecia does not discriminate, this disease can affect anyone at any age and there is no cure, often times there is only painful ineffective treatments that only treat the symptoms but not the disease.

Alopecia can result in patchy bald areas known as Alopecia Areata,

Total Scalp Hair Loss known as Alopecia Totalis

Complete hair loss on all the body known as Alopecia Universalis.

Many people that have this disease live their lives in shame and hiding.

Only with awareness and education can those living with this disease step out from the shame.


Freedom Wigs

Freedom hair and the hair they use is 100% unprocessed virgin hair.

This allows beauty and longevity for the wig and its wearer. There is a vast difference between processed and unprocessed virgin hair.

Freedom Wigs do not process the hair before it gets to their clients therefor once the client receives the wig she/he can have it styled and colored to their own taste.

Freedom wigs have done their homework on what the wearer needs is. They have taken everything into account and realize without doubt that Freedom Wigs are able to give the best results.

Long-term extensive hair loss (AA, AT, AU) creates very specific needs for freedom wig wearers, all want security in life’s many circumstances, swimming, rollercoasters, hugging and winds. Life like beautiful hair, longevity, empowerment around styling options, accurate fitting, stunning results for years, the lists go on.

Freedom Independent agents around the world help their clients who wear Freedom Wigs became educated around the challenges and limitations that wig wearing can bring while explaining the features and benefits of Freedom Wigs.

Knowing and understanding what a freedom wig is empowers the people that we help to receive what they need.

Irelands Freedom Wig Independent Agent is Audrey O Hara and is based in Dublin.

Useful websites for Support:

Freedom Wigs

Children’s Alopcia Project

National Alopecia Areata Foundation

Be Bold

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 Funds made to the Rapunzel Foundation

All funds donated to the Rapunzel Foundation that are raised from either hair donated or sponsorship money received, go directly towards covering the cost of the wig for Irish children, young Irish adults (male and female) with Alopecia.

The Rapunzel Foundation assesses the needs of applicants on a case-by-case basis.

While every effort is made to implant all the hair donated from Ireland to wigs for Irish people we cannot guarantee that every strand is used in solely Irish Wigs due to the manufacturing process and the volume and preference of hair that is required per wig.