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Donate Your Hair

Volunteers at Rapunzel Foundation

At the moment everyone that works in the Rapunzel Foundation works on a voluntary basis, who all have full time work elsewhere so we ask you for your patience when we are dealing with your kind donations or applications for assistance.

We will respond to you as soon as possible.

 How to Donate your Hair

The Rapunzel foundation is delighted to accept hair donations from anyone wishing to give their hair towards a wig for someone who has long term hair loss. Here is the check list and registration form for someone donating hair.

How long does my hair need to be?

Hair needs to be min 14 inches when straightened, preferably one length (no layers). Your hair needs to be freshly washed dried and straightened on the day of cutting, whether that be in your home or at your chosen registered rapunzel salon from our list. 

Can my hair be coloured?

No. Unfortunately chemically treated hair cannot be used in Freedom Wigs. There are other companies who will accept coloured hair, and shorter lengths which is based in the UK called Little Princess, This charity supports people suffering from illness such as cancer.  

How old do I need to be to donate my Hair?

There is no age limit for hair donation. Of course if you’re very young you need parental consent. Children’s wigs need children’s hair, so we would be thrilled to accept children’s hair. Adults also wear these wigs so we would be delighted to accept adult hair too.

How do I know my hair is long enough?

Place your hair into a ponytail. Secure with a band at the nape of the neck. Have a ruler read and measure from band to point of hair.

Where can I have my hair cut?

Please have your hair cut professionally, with a hairstylist. We have a list of salons that are registered with the Rapunzel foundation. They have all the information on how to prepare your hair for the cut and the procedure necessary for cutting and protecting the ponytail. Registered salons will cut your hair free once you give your hair to Rapunzel.

Do I send the ponytail to Rapunzel?

The Hair Salon/ Stylist are responsible for sending the Ponytail to The Rapunzel Foundation. Therefore you must leave the ponytail with the Salon.

How will I know Rapunzel gets my Hair?

It is  VERY important that you make sure you leave your name and address with the salon when you have your hair cut as we will send you a thank you card as confirmation we have received your hair.

Will my hair make a wig for someone?

It takes 20 to 25 ponytails to make one wig! So every ponytail is very precious. We who have hair take it so much for granted, think of the feel good factor you’d get knowing you could help someone have hair!

Will the Hair I give be use to help a child or adult in Ireland?

We have no guarantee that every hair we send to freedom hair will return to Ireland. But we can guarantee that it will be used in a wig (not hair extensions). Remember there is a shortage of hair for these wigs and the company have expressed their delight at receiving Irish hair because of our unusual and beautiful colouring.

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