The Rapunzel Foundation

Welcome to Rapunzel Foundation

The Rapunzel Foundation is a charity organization that works to improve the lives of those living with hair loss (alopecia) through fund raising as well as through hair raising.

Charity Number:20205850

Hair is raised through the Rapunzel Foundation’s Ponytail campaign, where people commit to growing their hair 14 inches or longer with the view to their hair being sent to help make much needed wigs to improve the lives of those living with the hair loss.


Volunteers at Rapunzel Foundation

At the moment everyone that works in the Rapunzel Foundation works on a voluntary basis, who all have full time work elsewhere so we ask you for your patience when we are dealing with your kind donations or applications for assistance.

We will respond to you as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Rapunzel foundation is delighted to accept hair donations from anyone wishing to give their hair towards a wig for someone who has long term hair loss. Here is the check list and registration form for someone donating hair.